June 23, 2006

The Light of Death: May 14, 1994

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The Crusader lies vanquished in the dust With his sword broken and armor covered with rust. His heart once burned with fervor for the right. Now, it lays in ashes in the stone cold night.  

He wanted to champion every cause no matter what the cost. Yet, in the end, it was only he, who was lost. It was no opponent that finally laid him low, But the realization that he was the dastardly foe.  

He had answered the call and strapped on the armor of God. He set off on the path where the saints had trod. He firmly gripped his sword and took his stand. He sought to drive the Devil from the land.  

Though they threatened and mocked, he never felt any shame. He was prepared to take it all for Jesus’ precious name. How heavy was his grief to find that he had been deceived And that all along, he was the Devil’s seed.  

It took a whirlwind and light from God To break through the Crusader’s facade. The Light of Life his death did bring. The songs of
Zion he could no longer sing.

Now naked before his God he bows, Remembering all his broken vows. He pleads for mercy, but he knows full well He is deserving of damnation and Hell.  

He trembles as his King raises the Sword in His hand. Then the Son comes between them on the judgment stand. He shows the King His wounded hands and side. Tenderly, He says, “It was for the Crusader that I died.”  

He turns and takes the Crusader into His embrace, Puts a ring on his finger and wipes the tears from his face. He gives him a shield, sword, and armor more glorious than before. He says, “My blood has saved and purified. Go and sin no more.”  

The Crusader bows again crying tears of joy. His heart is full of love without alloy. Now, indeed, he walks where the saints have trod Because the light of His death has brought him home to God.  

                                                             Dr Ronald Shultz


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