July 7, 2006

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   Pain so bad it bends you over. Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

Forty years old, my life’s barely a flash. Worried to much about earning cash.

The kids are raised, that makes it better. Wish I had taken time to write that letter. Yesterday, everything was cool. Worried about retirement, what a fool. Two more years to pay off the old car. It doesn’t matter as they wheel you into ER. Pain’s getting worse, it’s harder to breathe. Guess I should have taken more annual leave. Wished I’d done things different, looking back. Must be sleeping, peering into black. I feel a thud and jolt as I start to shake. A heck of a way to get a guy awake. It’s over now, I feel a little chill. They must have given me a sleeping pill. Then wham, there’s a blinding light. Must still be ER, everyone’s dressed in white. Man, I feel better than I’ve felt in my whole life. With a smile, I look around for my wife. Then it dawns on me, Man, I’m dead. This is where my life story will be read. There’s a flash of hope, but a crush of despair. I feel it is not at all well I will fare. I remember my sins. I remember them all. Then a stately figure my name does call. I move slowly towards Him.  I cannot look in His face. I feel like the lowest scum of the human race. He sighs and shakes His head as He reviews my works. Why did I have to be the King of the Jerks? He speaks, and says, “There’s not much you did well There are much better men already in Hell. There’s church attendance and service, I’ll give you that. But when it comes to righteousness, you fell severely flat.” I confessed that I lost most of my battles with sin and know by works, Heaven I could never win. My only plea, my only hope against eternal loss is that Your Son died for me on an old rugged cross. The record should show that on April 6th, 1975, I believed that Jesus was dead, but now is alive. I asked for His righteousness and He promised to take my sin. That is my only hope of your gates to enter in. I looked to my right and there stood the Lamb. He had come to my side and took me by the hand. He confirmed that I was His sheep that had strayed. He stretched out His hands and said, “By these wounds, his debts are paid.” I fell to my knees and wept and confessed. He said, “Weep no more, you’re forgiven and blessed. You became my adopted child, on that April day. I was beside you even when you would stray.” There was another flash of light. I heard voices yelling with all their might. “He’s back. He’s back.” someone said in a tone of prayer. I was confused and wondered if I was really there. Later, in my room, I spoke not a word. I pondered the things that had occurred. I know I did not die or I would not be back. God just knew how to get me back on the right track. I was given a vision to confirm I was a son and that I could not undo what I had done. A new life was given to me and new sight, too. I now walk with a different point of view. Money is fine, if kept in its proper place.

However, it’s not what is truly valuable to the human race. All the things we do to keep from being bored will count very little when we see the Lord. It is not often, you get to start twice. This time, let it not be me who lives, but Christ. Grant me the grace that I may not fail that I may look forward to when through the clouds I’ll sail. You have given me a brand new race. Lord, let me not your name disgrace. I want to be able to look in your face and run to receive your loving embrace.

                                                                    Author Unknown  

  ABBA FATHER I pray that your people come to know your embrace. That they realize that your love can fill that void in their heart, that your mercies are unconditional, that troubles and trails are allowed for a reason that is not comprehensible to that of the minds of man. FATHER we give you praise. AMEN.                                                    

                                                          Your Brother in Arms for CHRIST


I’m on active duty and always on guard status how about you?

Active Duty: Serving the Lord faithfully, daily and on duty 24/7?

Reserve status: Serving only when called upon or twice a year, Christmas and Easter?

Guard status: Backing up the Active Duty group?

AWOL: Absent with out the Lord?


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