August 1, 2006

“Have FAITH in GOD,” Jesus answered. MARK 11:22

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:00 pm by Devotions with MYK. Come, walk with me.

   At all times we are to have “… FAITH in GOD…” That’s easier said then done. During the good times it’s easy to have faith in him, but we are to have faith in him even when our situation seem dismal.Hhhmmmm, how then can you maintain your faith in GOD? Simple, you must keep strong and encourage yourself by praying. “In all things pray”. Realize that GOD is in control. Be on the watch for the LORD to make himself manifest in your situation. Be alert for his SPIRIT to take action, remembering that however he moves, he will move.  

   But also stand prepared to move in his will, for the outcome may not by what we expected. Always walk in a state of living testimony, being ready to speak what the LORD has done. For how much better is it that the LORD has blessed us with, than that which we have dreamt?AMEN!!!

                                              Your Brother in Arms for CHRIST



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