September 12, 2006

“Buy the truth, and do not sell it…” Proverbs 23:23 (NKJV)

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   “…Also wisdom and instruction and understanding.” Truth. What is truth? Truth is defined as: the true or actual state of a matter, conformity with fact or reality, verified or indisputable fact, actuality or actual existence, an obvious or accepted fact. Those are worldly meanings to truth. Here is a scriptural breakdown of truth. Since the “WORD” is GOD (read John 1:1) and the LOGOS (WORD) became flesh (CHRIST in the flesh, read John 1:14) and CHRIST is the “TRUTH” (read John 14:6), then is stands that CHRIST JESUS is the one and only “TRUTH”.

   In the past I’m sure that there are those of us who have given ourselves over to “false truths”. And I’m sure you can remember how we stood on that which we thought was true! How quickly we defended those truths. We bought into those “false truths”. But now CHRIST has been reviled to us as the “TRUTH”, that of which we should buy into.    

   “…and do not sell it…” In the beginning of our “false truths”, we would do away with them every time we came across something that was better suited for us. To an extent we would sell false truth #1 for false truth #2 and so on.

   But now, knowing that there is no truth other than CHRIST JESUS, we must buy into Him and never trade Him in for any of the pleasures of this world!!! And along with buying into CHRIST, we will have access to “…wisdom and instruction and understanding.” Take His word and apply it, study it and show yourself as bearers of TRUTH.

   ABBA FATHER, we pray that you keep falsehood and lies far from us, give us neither poverty nor riches, but give us only our daily bread (Proverbs 30:8). AMEN!!!


                                                               Your Brother in Arms for CHRIST



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  1. Natmar said,

    Amazing….I am so bless to see that there are others out there that have the same understanding about the truth, I was beginning to think that I was all alone in darkness and no one wanted to share the truth with me, but praises be to God, I just want to thank him because he is awesome and we magnify him. If your not sure if you living as part of the falsely hood, just copy and search

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