September 19, 2006

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

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   “Where there is no vision…” Vision or having a goal is an absolute necessity to anyone who is going anywhere in life. As seen in different versions of scripture, vision can be translated as “revelation” or “divine guidance”.

   Imagine a world with no vision of GOD, no revelations from the LORD no divine guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT. Picture a place with no prophets to expound on the law, no priest of the Levitical order to instruct in the good news of our LORD, no known means of grace or forgiveness, picture the WORD of GOD as being scarce maybe even illegal (can we as a nation be already headed in that direction?). That would be a dark, empty and cold world. We would all fall easy prey to the enemy of our souls (some, at this time already do.)

   We then can reread this as “Without divine guidance, people cast off restraint” or as written in The Living Bible Translation, “Where there is no revelation, the people run wild!” This can be said of the state of our world today. Without restraint people will do as they please, whatever desire they will try to fulfill, whatever acts they commit will be for their own lusts, morals will fall by the waste side as each will differ from the next.

   Easily said, the people will run contrary to the direction of GODS will. Those without His vision, His revelation, His divine guidance, will live a life that is purposeless. And as seen in society today, those who stand in ignorance of GOD, either willfully or unintentionally, can cause a societal breakdown.

   Think hard, think deep. Look around you today, envision your tomorrow. Are you living with His vision? Are you sharing His revelation with those around you? Is your heart open to divine guidance from the SPIRIT? Have you opened your WORD in order to bath in his vision, in His revelation. Study and apply the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to your walk. AMEN.

                                                   Your Brother in Arms for CHRIST



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